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Be happy and proud, fellow Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life members!!!  Until you are there (like I am) you cannot know how vital is the chessed we do. Our son, Motty, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since the diagnosis, he’s already undergone two complex brain surgeries to remove the growth, both of which met with great success, thanks to the Jewish nation’s prayers!

These days make us feel like a little child who depends on the adult crossing the street with him for his safety. That is exactly how we feel: that Hashem is holding our hand and is walking us through all parts of this life journey.

And only when you are there, in the hospital ward with the other children at home and it’s time to light Chanukah candles and the other children are waiting for a smile from Abba or Ima, but you’re not there…You call Linked to Life and in moments, its ‘magic carpet’ whisks you away to where your  heart is.

When all you need is to get home, or to rush to the hospital, or when one of your kids needs to be picked up from kindergarten or any other normal task that seems so simple in normal everyday life…You call Linked to Life and a ride miraculously appears at your doorstep coupled with a compassionate driver who showers you with strength to go on   .

That’s when you really understand the meaning of all the chessed being done by this wonderful enterprise Ezer Mizion.

  • What hashgacha pratis (divine intervention) ! Ezer Mizion had been planning a birthday party for a child whose mother is seriously ill with cancer. A smile was desperately needed in that home. The volunteer who was to make the cake suddenly came down with corona and a cake was needed asap. Do I know anyone who can do it? I certainly did! My daughter is a professional cake decorator and today was her birthday! What an opportunity! What a birthday present for my daughter. She was thrilled to do it.
  • Shaul K: Hi Naomi, I just want to thank you so much for all your help! It is now almost a year since our Shlomo was born after all the doctors said there was a basically 0% chance that he was going to survive. As you can see from his picture, he is such a cute amazing miracle.

Shaul K: I know most people contact you when they need help so I just wanted to show you some of the results of your efforts.

Naomi: I’m overwhelmed beyond words and couldn’t have gotten a better gift. He is totally precious, what a blessing… Thank you so much for sharing. Loads of naches from him and the rest of your family.

Shaul K: Amen. Thank you so much for all the help over the 2 months my wife was in the hospital.

Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life is a whatsapp network that provides rides, medical deliveries and so many other services throughout Israel and even internationnally by its members who ‘are going in that direction anyways’ or sometimes even make a special trip.

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