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From the Battlefield to Saving Lives

Over the last few months, we all discovered the tremendous power and strength of unity. Together, we were touched by our IDF soldiers’ dedication to saving lives.
The IDF soldiers display that same dedication on another front: by joining Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Donor Registry in the course of their chain of conscription at the Induction Center. Every soldier who joins the Registry expands its scope and increases the chances of saving the life of a patient in need of a transplant.
At a festive ceremony held recently to celebrate 500 life-saving transplants that took place thanks to soldiers’ stem cell donations, Defense Minister Moshe (Bugi) Ya’alon said: “Ezer Mizion personifies all that is good and noble in our lives. It leads a journey that is all about giving, saving life, and mutual responsibility. ‘All Jews are guarantors for one another.’ And of course, the IDF soldiers are guarantors for the safety of our country’s citizens, in whatever situation they are called upon to do so.”
Chief of Staff General Benny Gantz said at the ceremony: “The saying goes, ‘What you give is yours forever.’ I believe that a person’s ability to give of himself to someone other than himself is a gift that cannot be taken from him. Giving is something that remains forever. A person who is privileged to save a life always retains that feeling of fulfillment and tremendous joy. The IDF will continue, above all else, to focus on the goal of defending Israel and the Jewish nation.”
Ezer Mizion is responsible for the cost of lab testing and processing all the samples collected from IDF soldiers. For the New Year, Ezer Mizion has launched a campaign to raise the funds necessary for this important cause and for their other support services for patients and their families, under the slogan: “Contributing Together to Save Lives!”

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