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Gathering of Current and Past ICU Staff at Schneider Medical Center In Honor of the Retirement of Dr. Tommy Scheinfeld, Founder and Former Director of the Schneider Children’s Medical Center Unit, of the Klalit Group

A reunion of children who “graduated” from the ICU and their families will take place the coming fall.
A gathering of past and present staff at the Schneider Center Intensive Care Unit – including doctors, nurses, colleagues, and friends – took place recently, on the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Tommy Scheinfeld, Founder and former Director of the ICU at Schneider Children’s Hospital, from the Klalit group. Dr. Tommy Scheinfeld, a specialist in Pediatric Respiratory Tract Diseases and Pediatric Intensive Care, founder of Schneider’s ICU and its director from the time of its establishment more than 20 years ago until last August, treated tens of thousands of babies, children, and young people in the course of his many years of work. Dr. Scheinfeld continues to work at the Schneider Medical Center as a specialist for special projects, among them respiratory tract diseases in children and pediatric pulmonary hypertension.
The event was attended by doctors and nurses who worked with Dr. Scheinfeld throughout the years, colleagues from Schneider and other hospitals, members of Schneider’s administration, and many friends. Among the guests at the event were Professer Yosef Peres, Director of Schneider Medical Center, Professor Itamar Shalit, former Director of Schneider Medical Center, Professor Bernardo Vidana, former Director of the pediatric heart and chest surgery unit, and Rabbi Chananya Chollak, Founder and International Director of Ezer Mizion.
In the course of the gathering, Dr. Scheinfeld’s colleagues wished him well and spoke about their years of work together and how greatly the Intensive Care Unit advanced under his direction.
Translator’s note:
This article particularly captured my interest.
19 and a half years ago, Dr. Tomi Sheinfeld was a very critical part of our lives when he truly extended himself beyond the call of duty for our infant son who was hospitalized in the pediatric ICU at Schneider’s.
Dr. Sheinfeld spent many hours, after he was supposed to be off duty, physically working on our 4 week old son who was on full respiration and not able to breathe on his own. He was the direct cause of the turnaround that Yeruchom ultimately had.
In reading this article, I see that at the time we had dealings with him he was a fairly new kid on the block. What a trip down memory lane. What a life altering experience in so many ways.

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