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Giving Nachat to Mommy

Korim Elad
July 17, 2014
Five years! For five years our special needs children have benefited from Ezer Mizion’s Special Needs Club. What a celebration it was!
The theme of the party was Amusement Parks. Merry-go-round -Mothers were invited to get a taste of how their children spent their afternoons. The exhibit of special crafts that the children prepared in the course of their daily practice of fine motor skills was a great hit. For two hours, the children of the club performed, sang, and danced under the guidance of Ms. Revital Shoval., sending waves of nachat to their proud mothers. They were joined by sixth graders from the Noam School, who volunteer at the Club on Rosh Chodesh and special occasions, together with their teacher, Ms. Shimrit. The volunteers presented a lovely Bat Mitzvah dance to further enhance the joy of the day. The amplifiers and lighting for the event were generously donated by the Akda family.
Later in the program, the children enjoyed “shopping” at stalls with hot dogs in rolls, cotton candy, popcorn, and a variety of nosh and desserts all the handiwork of the groups at the Club in their “kitchen therapy” framework,. They were proud of themselves and knew that they deserved each treat.
Another highlight was a stall with photo magnets, where each mother and child was photographed by a professional photographer and received a photo magnet as a gift – donated by the Derech Eretz-Route 6 Company, which supports the Club activity throughout the year.
As the mothers left, hugging their children, they thanked the dedicated staff – director Sarah Suzanne (Suzy), and coordinators Esther, Orit, Hodaya, and Michal – for all the hard work, love, and great dedication they put in every day. They also thanked Ms. Miriam Adler for the Amusement Park stalls and the Akda family for their donation of amplifiers and lighting. Seeing the gratification of the mothers and the pride of the children, all those involved were much encouraged to continue their admirable work and contributions.

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