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Gratitude on the Highway

Miri, Yuval’s mother writes:
This morning I saw my daughter on a billboard on
pr Oranit Yuval 1185372_230942013725409_2070914417_n Jabotinsky Street, near Gehah Highway. We were reminded of those terrible days a year ago.
Days of treatments, of pain, fear, sadness, and helplessness.
We were still there not so long ago, and today, thank G-d, we are in a different place.
Today Yuval goes to pre-school.
Today Yuval is healthy.
Today Yuval is smiling.
But the truth is that even during that terrible period, Yuvali smiled. That was her special streng
th, her trademark. And that was what gave us the strength to overcome it all, together.
Those days became saner, more tolerable, and even happy, thanks to Ezer Mizion. This amazing organization was present in our lives day after day, both in the hospital and during the breaks between treatments, at EZER MIZION’S ORANIT CANCER SUPPORT CENTER. They gave Yuvali and the entire family happy, fulfilling moments, and for this, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts – and a “t
hank you” is not enough.
At that same moment, we are also reminded of children who are still sick, children for whom these days, now, are the yamim nora’im, the “terrible days.”
Your donation can definitely transform these difficult days into good days, holidays!
We wish all those courageous kids a full and speedy recovery!


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