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Hila, the Sleeping Beauty

The following is written by Ricky, Hila’s mother, Hila is 22 years old. For 3 and a half years, she has been fighting a brain tumor that has taken over her body. A talented, smart and beautiful girl, she no longer speaks and is basically immobilized and blind. Her devoted mother cares for her in a hospice setting at home. May the miracle her family is waiting for soon appear  bringing  a complete recovery.

The flowers in the garden blossom, as they do every spring.

And my lovely Hila, the “sleeping beauty,” barely communicates with me.

She lies there, serene, her hair gathered in a ponytail and her face pristine and pretty, with an aura of tranquility.

And my heart contracts. And aches.

Have I despaired of miracles? Will we merit that miracle that we are waiting for?

That she should arise?

Wake up?

Speak to me?

Call me “Imush,” like she always did?


Rip the heavens with your prayers for our precious Hila.

Pray for Hila Malka Chaya bat Rivka Ricky.

Perhaps a tremendous miracle will yet happen here, a giant wonder that will be spoken about for years.

Words are too small to describe the terrible time we are enduring. It is almost too difficult to bear.

And then all kinds of sweet people with huge hearts appear and we are filled with strength and are comforted.

That is what our trip with Hila was yesterday, in Ezer Mizion’s ambulance.

Shlomo, the driver, took us to the doctor (who says that there is nothing more to do).

Such graciousness, goodwill and caring for our beloved daughter, who is struggling for her life and suffering so much.

Like all the Ezer Mizion drivers, he did so much to help Hila: he came early, drove slowly and was so gentle when he lifted her stretcher in and out of the ambulance.

So kind and thoughtful.

May there be many more like him among our people …

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