About Oranit

In 1996, Ezer Mizion, with the generous assistance of the Bracha and Moti Zisser Foundation, established the Oranit Guest Home for cancer patients.

The state-of-the art residential accommodation spares patients undergoing outpatient therapy the stress of exhausting commutes, while providing an escape from the world of aggressive treatment and pain. With 16 comfortable 2-room suites, and 10 additional 1-room suites, Oranit is a haven of comfort and cheer that serves as a home-away-from-home for cancer patients, together with a companion/family member.

Oranit also provides a host of services for not only the patient, but also the family members. The services include comprehensive therapy programs, art and music centres, a play/drama and sand therapy room, a wildlife pavilion petting zoo, an indoor playroom and an outdoor playground, and garden.

All of Oranit’s hosting, services, therapy and recreation programs are provided free of charge under close medical and professional supervision, that are augmented by trained, dedicated volunteers.

Tour of Oranit

Guest Suite Dedication

The brand-new residential wing includes ten fully equipped hotel suites where cancer patients are welcome to stay during ambulatory cancer treatment, or transplant recovery follow-up care. The residential wing is a home away from home with all amenities.

Staying at the residential wing allows patients and their family members to enjoy comfortable accommodations where all their needs can be taken care of, while their emotional batteries are restored and revived.

The special care that residential wing guests receive gives patients and their families the energy they need to fight serious illness with serenity and fortitude. Our commitment to patient wellness is not about guaranteeing medical outcomes, however, it is about standing by their side throughout the journey, while creating the setting that will hopefully help bring them to the place of complete recovery.

Our “A Home Away from Home Campaign” will raise money to dedicate one of the newly built guest suites as the Canada Guest Suite. Please help us reach our goal by providing this amazing suite at Oranit.

You are the key to completing this project.

For every $500 donated, you will receive a SECRET KEY.

Only one key will open the door! The winner will receive a travel package to your home away from home: Israel. And a VIP tour of Ezer Mizion!

Keys will be emailed the week of April 4. Test your key(s) on April 8!

$1,000+ your name will be added to the DEDICATION PLAQUE outside the room!

The Basics $360

Help provide the little things to finish off the room. Toiletries, Slippers, hangers, garbage can, paper products, nightlight.

Linens $720

Help supply all the linens necessary to keep our families comfortable and cozy while visiting our suite. Sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, comforter.

Décor $1,800

Help decorate our Guest Suite so our families feel at ease and make it more appealing to those visiting. Art, curtains, mirrors, rugs.

Small Appliances $3,600

A few small appliances will allow our families to have snacks and drinks in the room for easy accessibility. Mini fridge, toaster oven and kettle.

Electronics $5,000

Help equip our Guest Suite with the various electronics that will help make our family feel at home. TV, computer, tablet and chargers.

Furniture $10,000

Help fill our Guest Suite with all the necessary furniture – Beds, couch, chair, desk, side tables, dresser.

Mezuzah $18,000

Sponsor the mezuzah on the Canada Guest Suite and have your name on the dedication plaque.

Staff and Specialists $25,000

Help support the daily running of the Canada Guest Suite by supporting the Staff that support our Families.

Naming $100,000

2 invitations to tour Oranit and Ezer Mizion and be there for the Canada Guest Suite dedication. Name to be listed as a primary donor.

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