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I Already Volunteer, How about You?

Hashikmah Lemehadrin
July 16, 2014
Chessed by the Way, on the Way
I wanted to tell you about an amazing project I am a part of: Across the country, there are more than 50 Ezer Mizion “What’s Up” groups, in which car owners are asked to offer their volunteer assistance in transport services, giving people a lift to hospitals around the country (when they are anyway on the way out of the city or back to the city, offering them an unusual, “no-sweat” chessed opportunity). There are already some 1500 volunteer members in these groups, who are privileged to help dozens of people every day, at the average count of 500 cases a week!!!
In these groups, exchanges are carried out for this purpose alone, without any idle chatter, all in order to maintain the momentum and attract more chessed-seeking drivers who want to offer their help without unwanted interruptions.
To join a group in the Ayalon region, send a message to Yehuda Mizrachi 054-817-7253.

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