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pr ambulance snow 1- 2013

The moment reports arrived that the snowstorm had begun, Ezer Mizion’s Emergency Phone Center jumped into action.

The Center provided a response for dozens of patients and mobility impaired individuals who needed ambulance transport. In addition, volunteer drivers with four-wheel drive vehicles were called upon to assist people who were not disabled but needed urgent transport.

Starting from the early hours of Thursday morning, requests began to roll in for transport of dialysis and oncology patients, and patients who needed other life-saving medical treatments.

The Call Center was on call 24 hours throughout the day and night to respond to these requests. They also helped rescue people stranded on the roads because of the snow, relocated families with babies or elderly people from homes without electricity or water to places with heat, and more. They were even called upon to take a bride who was snowbound to her wedding.

In addition, volunteers selflessly made their way through the snow to the Ezer Mizion branch headquarters, where they packed 600 hot meals and sandwiches to be distributed in local hospitals. People also prepared cooked meals for families of patients, and volunteer drivers with four-wheel drive vehicles delivered the food packages to the families’ homes. The meals distributed during the snowstorm were generously sponsored in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Albert Fields z”l.

Ezer Mizion thanks all our caring volunteers who came forward to offer their assistance and to our devoted staff who worked far beyond the call of duty to respond to requests for assistance with enormous dedication.

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