Ezer Mizion Canada

Joy, Pride…and the Will to Live

He was an outstanding science teacher. Now he is battling cancer. Dr. Vladimir Detzkovsky was one of ten science teachers who were awarded citations of excellence.  Would he be there in person to receive his award? Would he relive his productive years in the presence of those whom he had taught? Would he hear the applause? What a difference between receiving the award in the mail and being there in the limelight! What joy it would give him, enabling his spirit to be strengthened and join his body in the battle for life. Yet, for Vladimir, traveling was an impossible feat. Until Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance and Transport Division entered the picture.  A ceremony took place at the Haifa Technion, where ten prizes were awarded to outstanding science teachers selected by Technion students. Note the equal expressions of joy on the faces of Vladimir and that of the Ezer Mizion driver who made his attendance possible.
Wishing you a full recovery, Vladimir! May you soon return to the classrooms where you were so much loved and admired.

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