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Lag B’Omer at Meron

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Many seniors sat at their window this year wishing they could go to Meron for Lag B’Omer as in the past. Imprisoned in their disability, it was no longer possible.

And many seniors, still stunned at their good fortune, sat at the windows of Ezer Mizion’s eleven ambulances, hardly able to believe that the familiar scenes were real.

Ambulances and drivers from Ezer Mizion’s ambulance fleet worked non-stop for over 24 hours transporting mobility impaired individuals up the Meron mountain to the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Lag B’omer. As the years go by, the number of handicapped visitors to Meron increase, as they have come to rely on Ezer Mizion’s outstanding service to the mobility impaired each and every year.
Hundreds of people who otherwise would never have had this priceless opportunity were graciously transported by 11 Ezer Mizion ambulances from the various parking lots at the foot of the mountain right up to the gravesite- a tremendous feat orchestrated by the professional dispatch unit and made possible by Ezer Mizion’s remarkably dedicated ambulance crews, in collaboration with local authorities and the police department.
The police force relies absolutely on Ezer Mizion’s professionalism as well as on their integrity in transporting only the disabled, without exceptions.

Ambulance Fleet

Travel by ambulance is often the only option for a person confined to a wheelchair or a bed. Ezer Mizion, with its fleet of 18 ambulances, offers comfortable ambulance transport to destinations throughout the country – at no charge, saving Israel’s handicapped population millions of dollars a year. A senior in need of dialysis three times a week but physically unable to travel to the treatment center, a wheelchair-bound holocaust survivor with an urgent doctor’s appointment, a frail oxygen-dependent octogenarian —all these rely on Ezer Mizion to transport them to medical appointments.

Volunteer Drivers

In addition to the wheelchair-bound population, there are many people who do not require ambulance transport but are too ill or frail to drive and cannot use public transportation. To meet the needs of these people, Ezer Mizion’s ambulance fleet is augmented by hundreds of volunteer vehicles. Volunteer drivers are matched with those in need of rides to medical appointments, treatments, or other destinations. This service is invaluable to people who require assistance into and out of vehicles and to those who are unable to travel alone.


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