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“Laughing Drums” for Purim

British Café Club seniors were treated to a special aerobic activity that was both enjoyable and provided a positive release. The unique activity, “Laughing Drums,” combined laughing yoga with “Drums Alive.”pr golden aerobics 2013 1550_ne_photo_stories1_22075 Under the direction of Tzippy Dagan, the amused participants let out their energy on huge rubber balls.

While they were engaged in the activity, Tzippy Dagan gave a detailed explanation of the process that was taking place in their bodies. The directed drumming with drumsticks on the giant fitness balls at varying tempos creates a balance between brainwaves in the different cerebral hemispheres.pr golden aerobics 2013 1550_ne_photo_stories2_3c8da The rhythmic music connects and stimulates energies, and this is supplemented by the laugh reflex that is roused at various stages in the training exercises. All these factors help “Laughing Drums” provide release and improve quality of life.The British Café opened about a year ago as a collaborative effort of the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Survivors, the Department of Social Services, the Bnei Brak Municipality, and Ezer Mizion. Three groups function at the club, and members enjoy a rich and varied program on Sundays and Mondays each week.The club is operated by the staff of the Malka Hager Senior Citizen Fitness Center, a part of Ezer Mizion’s Geritaric Services Division, which develops and presents many creative programs to promote the health, well-being, and functioning of the senior population in Israel.The Clupr golden aerobics 2013 1550_ne_photo_stories3_7bc17b’s activity focuses on promoting the health and functioning of its members in a variety of ways: adapted physical activity, good nutrition and lectures on various health-related topics. The Club also serves as an opportunity for social interaction among the members, which gives them the feeling of “belonging” and the highly important sense of group support.The British Café’s activities are made possible thanks to the efforts of Mr. Matthew Gold, the British ambassador in Israel, and generous funding by the British Jewish community.


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