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Leaving your Legacy

Making a lasting impact isn’t as challenging as it seems. Sometimes it is about matching your passion for helping others with the right initiatives. As you begin to think about your legacy, it’s important to partner with an organization that you trust, one that matches your personal choices with causes that matter most. Leaving your legacy means trusting those who come after you to be good stewards of your generosity – and that’s where we come in. 

Ezer Mizion – Canada is committed to connecting those in crisis situations with the resources they need, and our legacy giving component is one of the main ways we ensure our critical level of support is available to those who need it most. As you plan out your philanthropic impact, we invite you to learn more about why and how your legacy will make a difference.

Let us help you plan as you architect your legacy; we’ll match you with initiatives that most closely align with your passion and charitable goals, working alongside you to provide guidance to ensure that your vision will have a lasting impact long after you’re gone.


A legacy gift has the potential to change the course of the future. Unlike other donations that answer the immediate question of how you can help right now, legacy gifts provide a path for one to leave the world better than they found it. And while all donations are important, legacy giving is the clear answer to the question of how we can continue to do good, long after we’re gone. The need for our support continues to grow each day, and although we’re unable to predict the future, we can say for certain the needs of those we serve will continue to increase as time passes, and your legacy gift can help us plan for that! 


Thinking about how and where you can help impact the world for the better, you can begin to craft a plan that makes sense for you, benefiting the causes closest to you. Your gift can be designated for a specific initiative or project or can be made directly to the general operating fund to help with multiple initiatives. Legacy gifts can take a variety of forms, so it’s important to work closely with your financial advisor to determine which method(s) work best for you. Regardless of what avenues you choose, rest assured the impact will be lasting!

The duration and frequency of legacy gifts vary by individual, that’s why it’s important to work with your designated financial advisor to determine which option is the best fit for you. Options can include monthly contributions while you’re still living as part of your retirement or investment accounts, or gifts can be deferred until your passing as part of a life insurance or estate bequest. Regardless of which option you choose, your donation will help us make an impact!



Additional options for legacy giving include:


A cash donation is the simplest and most direct way to help provide support to those in need. 

Appreciated Stock

Put your gains to good use, your gift of appreciated stock will be reinvested to help provide critical services and support.

Real Estate

Making a gift of real estate can turn your property’s profitability into a global impact. This type of donation may also allow you to receive special financial or tax benefits.

Life Insurance

Enjoy the tax benefits during your lifetime and ensure a continued impact upon your passing. A life insurance gift is a great way to make a significant impact.


Including a charitable donation in your will ensures your legacy makes an impact long after you’re gone. Bequests provide an established path to ensure your generosity lives on in the causes you care about.

RRSP Rollovers

Explore tax benefits and exclusions for any donations made directly from your RRSP rollover. These donations provide a safe and established way to support causes you’re passionate about.

Give Now

Together, we can make the world better, and with legacy planning, you can ensure improved circumstances for future generations. To determine where you can have the most impact with your legacy gifts, we invite you to contact us with questions. Then, work directly with your financial advisor to determine which method is best for you.

Your legacy is a personal and lasting thing, and we’re here to help ensure that the causes and initiatives that you’re most passionate about become part of it. We are committed to helping you make the day brighter for future generations. Contact us today to explore options. We can discuss current support opportunities and explore future ones as well. The more information you have about how your legacy will change the lives of those in need, the better. We’re always here to talk, plan, and support you. And, as new causes arise, and personal experiences continue to shape how you want your legacy to play out, we’ll be here too. So, if you decide you want to make adjustments in the future, to include additional initiatives, we’ll be able to provide you with the information needed to support you. Your legacy is a personal thing, and we want to partner with you to make sure it’s established in the way you envision it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Legacy Giving

You can start by contacting us, we’d love to share current causes and initiatives with you and help you explore your vision for how your gift will help shape the future. Once we understand your wishes, we encourage you to speak with your designated financial planner to determine what type of gift makes the most sense for you.

Designating gifts through channels like wills, bequests, living trusts, retirement accounts and investment accounts all qualify as appropriate types of legacy gifts. Additionally, the donation of life insurance policies, real estate, and RRSP rollovers also make great legacy gifts. 

Legacy gifts allow you a way to designate your support, ensuring your donations will make an impact after you’re gone. These types of gifts can also allow for additional tax breaks depending on the type and level of giving, so it’s always best to work with your financial planner to determine if these rules apply to you. 

Legacy gifts can always be adjusted. We understand life circumstances change, and as that happens, sometimes you become passionate about new initiatives. We always invite you to reach out to us, if you want us to change the way you envision your legacy. 

To determine where you can have the most impact with your donation, we encourage you to work with your financial advisor to discuss which method is best for you. 

We understand people are passionate about different things, and we can work with you to ensure your donation supports the cause that matters most to you.

Depending on your level of giving, we have several ways to make your gift in honour of someone. Please connect with the office and we can outline for you an option that works best. 

At Ezer Mizion, we are working with an agent who will be happy to help you find exactly the right product for you and do what needs to be done to set it up. Please contact the office for their information. 

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