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Death…and then Life by Meital Yasur Beit-Or, “Israel Today”

Yifat Brilliant, of Givatayim, underwent two traumatic experiences in one brief month. One culminated in death…the other in life.  Bewildered, distraught, she suffered the loss of her mother who had been a key figure in her life. She sat shiva and immediately upon her rising from mourning, a call came in. Is she able to donate bone marrow to save a life?  pr bmr Yifat Brillliant 2013 1667_ne_photo_stories1_7c766
Life and death intertwined. Yifat drew upon strength from deep within her and rallied to the need.

Yifat had registered  at a life-saving bone marrow donor recruitment drive held by Ezer Mizion some four years ago on behalf of the sick little girl, Amit Kadosh. She was not a match for Amit but her name remained on the database.
Meanwhile, she was dealing with her own personal tragedy. “A year and a quarter ago, we were told that my mother, Daliah Brilliant, had colon cancer. The prognosis was that she would survive two years. Mom was a strong woman, a fighter, and we hoped that we would have even more time together, but her condition deteriorated.”
Precisely during those critical days, a phone call came from Ezer Mizion’s Registry. Yifat was informed that she was found to be a match with 80% chances of acceptance for a critically ill 45-year-old woman suffering from leukemia.
On July 3rd, Yifat’s mother passed away. Levaya Of Reb Avrohom (Abe) Schwartzman ZThe day after the shiva, another call came from Ezer Mizion: “The patient is ready for the transplant. We need you. When can you come to donate your stem cells?”
The transplant took place and the patient is slowly recovering… “I was deeply moved by the fact that life and death are interconnected in such a powerful way,” Brilliant said.

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