Ezer Mizion Canada

Lighthouse in the Storm

Words cannot express
Our appreciation for
The incredible and enjoyable week
The quality and constructive time.
The close and strengthening connection
You have made over the years
Just proves that success has many children.
Every minute was carefully planned
With great conscientiousness.
We flew kites and we soared in the skies.
We drove in jeeps near the water.
We went up on rides in Luna Park and
We merited the honor granted to kings in the capital of Israel.
Like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm
You show us the cure.
And let us not forget
The incredible counselors who filled our hearts with happiness
With a constant  smile
With boundless energy
With a good word
And another good deed when needed.
All that remains is to end with a small thank you.
May you be blessed by Heaven
Because for us, Ezer Mizion is a gift.


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