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Linked to Life: One Week

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Giving away adds, not subtracts

It’s interesting. When I was in second grade, my math teacher told me that if we take away, the total amount is less. When I grew up, I found it wasn’t true. If giving my time, my energy, my expertise made me have less in the end, then why would I and 9,000 of my fellow Linked to Life members race to click on any request that comes in and do our best to respond whenever possible? Second grade math teachers notwithstanding, giving away plusses so much more to our lives.

Each one doing his part in giving

Like the other day when a disabled person desperately needed the loan of a motorized wheelchair. With perfect coordination, the wheelchair was brought from location A to B, from B to C, then D until it reached its destination. Each Linked to Life member was ‘going anyways’ and thrilled to be able to help out. It was the last member who was privileged to see the look of utter joy and incredulity on the face of the disabled person who could hardly believe that his wish had come true.
bmr tubes
Genetic testing tubes

And then there was the genetic blood testing that had to be done on a potential bone marrow donor who was currently living in Denmark. She is the daughter of one Danish parent and one Israeli-born parent and had registered in Ezer Mizion during her induction to the IDF some years ago. After four tense days, mission was accomplished and the tubes were brought to Israel for testing, arriving on Shabbat and being picked up by a non-Jewish Ezer Mizion employee. Our Denmark Linked to Life Group was gratified to play its part in helping to save a life of a 60 year old patient.
That same week, Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life Division received more than 700 requests. Test tubes were brought from London and from Berlin, both of which we hope will save the lives of two Jews whose sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. Vital medication was brought from New York to Israel and an urgent medical disc was sent from Israel to New York.
Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life Division, a What’s App group, connects people from all over the world who are traveling from here to there and happy to help out another Jew who needs something transported from that same ‘here’ to the same ‘there’. Or it may be a specific expertise that is needed or someone able to devote a few hours to helping out another Jew.
Bas Mitzvah cake L2L 8 17
Giving: in the form of a Bas Mitzvah cake

Like young Ruth who was turning Bas Mitzvah. Her mother had cancer. Every bit of time and energy in the family was devoted to helping Mommy and keeping the family running. Ruth didn’t even dream of having a Bas Mitzvah party like she and her mother had talked about so often, way back in another lifetime. A party needs this and it needs that with a myriad of details to coordinate. At twelve, going on seventy, Ruth had matured way beyond her years and had no thoughts of the once longed for party. Yet, deep inside there was still the young girl in her, a girl who was thrilled beyond words when she and her family were invited as honored guests to the most fantastic Bas Mitzvah party she had ever seen, each detail coordinated by a different Ezer Mizion L2L member. How do you like the cake?!
pr L2L One Week Mini Israel
Giving: making the trip to Mini Israel a possibility for a distraught family

And then there was the teenage girl who had spent the last three months in a mental health institution. One cannot imagine the anguish of her family! Things are improving and the staff has allowed her a three hour outing at a nearby park with her parents and brother.  A volunteer was needed to pick up the individual family members and drive the four of them to “Mini Israel” miniature park near Latrun. A second volunteer would bring them back. It only took moments for both slots to be filled by L2L volunteers, anxious to help bring a dollop of sunshine and hope with precious family togetherness into the lives of these suffering Jews.
A hearty welcome to two new Linked to Life groups ‘born’ this summer in Kiryat Shmuel and in Gush Etzyon. Like to join? We’d like to have you no matter where you live in the world. SMS 011 972 52 580 8936.

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