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Crossing the Ocean to Save a Finger

cell-phoneA sweet little boy in Ramat Hagolan at play. Fun. Laughter. Shouts of childish joy. Then… an unearthly scream! Ambulance! Siren! A race to the ER with a finger severed from his little hand.
Staff got to work immediately while his parents paced outside in the waiting room, praying that their son would not have to grow up handicapped.
The men in green emerged from the OR with tentative smiles. The emergency surgery was completed successfully but a device was still needed to finish the job. And the device? It was not available in Israel. The finger couldn’t wait for it to be to be ordered through regular channels. Would he always have a remembrance of his accident? Would a disabled hand color the rest of his life?
Suggestions were made. Suggestions were rejected. Until a staff member mentioned Ezer Mizion. “They’re involved in so many areas. Maybe they’ll have an idea.”
He was right. Amid the many divisions for special children, the elderly, the mentally challenged, the disabled and the cancer patient was a division called Linked to Life, a What’s App program.  The query appeared on countless screens and, in moments, an answer was received by a volunteer in New York: My friend is going to Israel now. He can take it.  The precious device crossed the ocean and landed in Israel. Now how to get it to the doctors in Ramat Hagolan? The Linked to Life screens buzzed again and Yossie Kleich of Bnei Brak responded: I’m going to Herziliya. And so the device continued on its route via Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life train. Like the children’s game of ‘Pass the Ball Around’, Yossie gave it to Meir Wallis who was on his way a bit further north who passed it to Yehuda Adler who just’ happened’ to be going even further, who passed it to Pinchas Sterling who had an appointment a bit north who passed it to Yokne’am who, miracle of miracles, was on his way to Ramot Hagolan. And so the little device was removed from the Linked to Life chessed train and delivered to the ecstatic surgical staff.  Mission accomplished. The child will regain full use of his hand.
That’s the way it is when we are Linked to Life…
As a Jew, you are never alone. Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life connects us all. A worldwide web of chessed. Want to join? SMS: 011 972 52 580 8936

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