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Maccabi Salutes Ezer Mizion

pr corona- Maccabi presentation-maleMaccabi Health Services known as Kupat Cholim Maccabi, is one of the four HMOs in Israel with over 2 million members and is considered an influential institution in regards to the Israeli healthcare system. Maccabi members benefit from diverse health services but there are many, many instances where help is needed. As Maccabi staff members can testify, Ezer Mizion is the address to turn to. Ezer Mizion’s goal: to be there for others. Their means: a professional, extensive network willing to think out of box in order to benefit the ill. Time and time again, when standard routine would not allow for the patient’s receiving what he needs, a call was made to the number they all knew by heart and the walls came tumbling down.

During the Corona crisis, there were hundreds of high risk patients in forced isolation, unable to receive vital medication or treatment. A few clicks of the mouse and a request would go out for meds to be transported from pharmacy in one part of the country to an anxious patient in another. Often it was only a minute or two before an Ezer Mizion volunteer responded. In some cases, he had already planned to make the trip for personal reasons. In many, many cases, a volunteer gave hours of his time purely to help someone else.

There were elderly golden-agers rendered helpless in reaching their clinics for essential therapy or dialysis. Cancer patients with compromised immune systems were in need of chemo. Public transportation was out of the question. With strict adherence to covid regulations, Ezer Mizion volunteers criss-crossed the country bringing those in need to receive critical healthcare.

There were many elderly, ill and disabled in need of food during the lockdown. Hot, nutritious meals were prepared and enriched with Vitamin Love, then delivered with the smile that says Someone Cares.

Maccabi Health Services held a festive ceremony as a tribute to Ezer Mizion. In the words of Ran Sa’ar, CEO: Ezer Mizion is a symbol and an example of the highest level of charity to others. Its cooperation during the pandemic strengthened our relationship and proved that only the sky is the limit when the goal is to help friends through this period in health, peace and optimism.

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