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Manufacturing Smiles

The phone rings at Ezer Mizion. Calls come all day, usually from people undergoing horrific crises. This time there was a smile in the voice of the caller. A young boy had completed his chemo treatments and his Bar Mitzvah was coming right up. There was no time to prepare. Can Ezer Mizion help? ’We’d love to,’ the rep answered, happy to be part of a joyful event. As soon as the call ended, the phone was again pressed into service.  Volunteers were needed asap. A sweet table including a personalized Bar mitzvah cake. And petit fours. And creative pastries galore. And drivers to deliver. And volunteers to set up tastefully with elegant tableware. And a popular singer. And a keyboard player. And a gift of a fancy watch presented by the director of Ezer Mizion’s Community Cancer Support Division And…and. Yitzchok, our hero, danced and danced…round and round, holding the hands of everyone who loved him while  the guests cried tears of joy, of gratitude, of hope, of prayer.  

An Ezer Mizion director shares her experience:

‘Yesterday I got home close to midnight. I thought I’d concluded my day, but another What’s App pinged as everyone at home slept peacefully. I sat on the couch and continued the day’s routine…

A volunteer from Ashdod writes: A friend of mine just flew in with his oldest son to Israel, with a suspected brain tumor… They are now on the way from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Hashomer Hospital. I need someone there who can help them with food, etc.

I asked for contact info and called the Central Region coordinator presenting the request. He replied: “I happen to be approaching that area. I’m busy now with another assignment, but I’m soon finishing and I’ll immediately continue to the next destination. What do they need??” The volunteer joined us for a conference call and the request was seen to in moments!

This morning, I get another request: “A huge thank you for the help yesterday. Ezer Mizion really pampered them with food!! The sick child is asking for chocolate milk. Is there anyway… ?” In moments, there was another ping.  “Wow! How did you do it so fast? He already got it…”❤  

When Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life, a giant whatsapp network of giving hearts, receives a request, it’s never too long till ‘mission accomplished’.

Alzheimers is no longer a disease of the elderly. So many young people have been diagnosed with that dreaded word. Their needs are different and Ezer Mizion has attempted to meet the challenge by providing services that fit the bill.  A pre-Chanukah outdoor get-together took place for members of our Young Alzheimer Patient Activity Club and their families. It was an exciting and unifying event. The first part of the program was a Beatube guided activity. Don’t know what that is? Check it out. It’s a fantastic rhythmic exercise which uses two batons to beat against those of your partner, parts of your bodies, all in perfect rhythm of spirited music.   Thoroughly energized, the group split up with the group members creating a lovely Chanukah menorah from natural materials and their family members joining the director to discuss their many challenges, receiving validation, support and helpful tips.

Whether it’s Alzheimers, special children, seniors or cancer patients, Ezer Mizion is synonymous with giving, caring and the manufacturing of smiles.

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