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Moti Zisser OB’M

Moti Zisser,
‘Father’ of Emanuel, 61
Moti Zisser, z”l, a religious businessman and philanthropist, who was behind the establishment of the Chareidi community of Emanuel, was niftar last week after a long battle with a serious disease.  He was 61.
Zisser was a key supporter of Ezer Mizion where his wife, tblch”t, Dr. Bracha Zisser, heads the bone marrow registry.  He donated $20 million of his own money to the registry.
Zisser launched major construction projects in Israel, South Africa and Europe.  He is probably best known as the contractor for the Herzliya Marina, considered the most commercially successful use of Israel’s coastline, as well as the neighboring Arena Mall, which to this day requires that all businesses close on Shabbos and all eateries in the mall have a kashrus certificate.
He also built 40 shopping centers in Hungary, 12 in Poland and 5,000 hotel rooms throughout Europe.
In 1999, he bought a controlling interest in Elbit Imaging, a company he held until 2014, when a bankruptcy court authorized a deal to make payment arrangements for a NIS 1 billion debt he held to Band Hapoalim.
Zisser is survived by his wife and five children, David, Hila, Rachel, Naama and Yoni.
Yehi Zichro baruch.

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