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Netivot’s Third Year

For the third year running, the Netivot branch of Ezer Mizion held its day camp on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College
pr summer_beach_ballLast week, Ezer Mizion finished its summer camp season with 14 different camps when its day camp for special children on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College in Sedot Negev ended.
This is the third year that the Netivot branch of Ezer Mizion has been running the day camp on the campus.
110 special-needs children from the entire Southern region participated in the camp, each one with a personal counselor assigned to him. The day camp was operated by Ezer Mizion administrative and professional staff, backed by 140 volunteers. The camp ran for two weeks.
In the course of the day camp, the children enjoyed special experiences, including baking and cooking workshops, music activities, and a variety of therapies, such as animal therapy and drama, dance and drumming. There was also a special “Firefighters Day.”
The dean of Chemdat Hadarom College, Professor Avi Levi, praised the initiative. “We salute Ezer Mizion in Netivot, under the leadership of Ezer Mizion Netivot branch Naftali Kober, for their wonderful work on behalf of families of special-needs children. In addition to the activity provided for the children, the day camp also helps the parents, giving them time to get organized and allowing them and their other children quality time together, especially with the knowledge that their sweet children are in good hands.”
Professor Levi also emphasized, “The educational model that we follow emphasizes the need to align the world of academia with a response to social needs. Among other ways, we do this by putting our campus at the disposal of Ezer Mizion for their day camp.”
Naftali Kober, director of Ezer Mizion’s Netivot branch, points out that every child at the day camp receives personal, exclusive attention from his one-on-one counselor. “The dedicated day camp staff devotes all its energy to the cause. Therefore, this is the opportunity to thank the staff, and especially the marvelous volunteers, who created a day camp full of joy and love. I would like to thank the Chemdat Hadarom College from the bottom of my heart for their hospitality. Thanks to their loyal partnership, this year again, we were able to bring joy and hope to the special children and relief to their families.”

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