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Of Little Engines and IDF Recruits

Some people fall and go on to conquer the world. Some people fall and just lie there. “What’s the use…I’ll never be successful at anything…”Sometimes Sharon felt he was one of the latter. He was challenged by a wide range of tough issues. He tried. He really did. His dream was to be a Border Patrol fighter. But his challenges, one by one, rose up and blocked his way. It was like playing Candyland, being close to the finish line and drawing the card that says ‘Go back 15 steps’.   

20 -year-old Sharon from Netanya enlisted in the Border Patrol division of the IDF in March 2012, even though he was eligible for an exemption from service due to health issues. About a month and a half later, Sharon had to leave basic training because of personal problems. His dream? It remained floating in the sky. Impossible to reach. Like a kite whose string was severed. “Forget it. It’s not for me,” an inner voice told him sadly.pr general helping up mountain

Then it happened. When he had enlisted, he had registered with Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry. And now the phone rang. He is a genetic match for a 15-year-old with blood cancer whose sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. He, Sharon, who never achieved anything of value, was about to do something really important and meaningful. He was about to save a Jewish life. His dormant smile woke up. Emotional energy surged through his being. Like the Little Engine, he felt that he Could.  Sharon re-enlisted, this time hopefully to make it. Sharon donated his marrow and saved the life of the teen but he also felt that the teen, in turn, had saved him. 

Share the tension of a family whose tiny child can survive only by a bone marrow transplant as Ezer Mizion searches for that elusive genetic match:


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