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On Scouts’ Honor

pr Ziv - scout-ok to useWhat can be more honorable than working toward raising the money for one’s own expenses? The scouts at Shaarei Tikvah “Lahav Troop” discovered an even more powerful honor, the deep satisfaction of working hard to benefit another.
Each year an event entitled “Flavor of the Troop” is held to raise funds for troop expenses. Each age level sets up a food stall. Proceeds of the sales are usually earmarked for the expenses of the troop. But not this year.
Some scouts began following Ziv’s story on Instagram. Ziv is a vibrant, upbeat twelve year old cancer patient whose courage in her battle for life ignited the hearts of those who ‘met’ her through Instagram. That led to an innovative idea: divert the proceeds of the “Flavor of the Troop” event to help Ziv and kids like her. It was discovered that Ziv lived in a neighboring town which made her even more real to the scouts. From Ezer Mizion they learned that there were many children of all ages undergoing the same nightmare as Ziv.
And so, in keeping with the Scout slogan of ‘doing a good turn daily’, each scout, from the littlest to the oldest, did his utmost. The stalls were bulging with food and the proceeds-13,000 NIS- were way over what normally comes in. Ziv’s personal slogan was used for the event: A smile doesn’t cost anything. There were performers and lots of excitement but the best was when Ziv herself appeared. Everyone cheered and cheered. For her and for all the others that Ezer Mizion had told us about—all those kids fighting a monster named Cancer that had them in his horrendous grip. Ziv represented the battle- the battle that she and all the other Ezer Mizion kids hoped to win.
Another event took place known as “Sweet Friday,” where culinary artists, pastry chefs, and residents of the town donated cakes, pastries, desserts, cookies, jams, coffee, and a host of sweets. They opened a storefront in the main shopping center, and within a few hours, had sold their entire stock. More ammunition against the monster.
Talya, Ziv’s mother, said: “I got a call from Reut Shefer, director of the scout troop, who told me that the scouts have been following Ziv’s experiences on Instagram and want to hold an event on her behalf. We were very touched by the gesture, but we weren’t sure we would be able to come, because we couldn’t know in advance how Ziv would feel. In the end, Ziv felt good, and from the moment we stepped in, she was greeted by one person after another. The entire square was filled with people and they all came to be photographed with her and to speak with her. They gave her all the attention in the world. This is the kind of thing that leaves her charged with positive energy. It is simply amazing to see people who are total strangers rally for such a cause.”
Talya added that ever since Ziv became ill, about four months ago, she became acquainted with Ezer Mizion’s Donald Berman Rehabilitation Center. “Ezer Mizion helps families dealing with cancer. Those who come from far are offered a lovely apartment to stay in for the whole family. With meals. And such fun activities. There’s a music band for older kids, sand therapy for the younger set, story hour, crafts, trips and birthday parties. Even a petting zoo. The therapists are so kind and caring. Without Ezer Mizion, I don’t think people would be able to function in such a situation.”
photo credit: Ziv Aran

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