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One Hundred and Twenty

pr bmr cell bagSo many people came. It was hard to believe.  The lines were long and newcomers were still arriving in droves. There had been a series of rainy days which made it hard for people to get out resulting in a dangerously low supply of blood units throughout Israel. The shortage was serious and needed to be addressed immediately. Ezer Mizion worked together with a Teveriah chessed organization, Chasdei Olam, in collaboration with MDA and broke all records. The drive was held in Teveria’s Chen Market Place and the Teveriah residents fully understood the need. In just one day, one hundred and twenty units were collected. It was one hundred and twenty, a number used to denote long life, 120 units collected to ensure a long life for each patient in need.
Yossi ben Hamu, a former member of the Teveriah city council and an Ezer Mizion volunteer, urged the public to come forward and set an example by donating blood himself.
Also participating in the campaign were former council members Mr. Refael Trebelsi; Rav David Ohana; Rav Eliyahu Zigdon; Mr. Motty Dotan, former Chairman of MDA Lower Galil, who came to cheer on the donors.
Gilad Hanun, Ezer Mizion Teveriah representative, spoke at the event saying: “It is so moving to see the cooperation between Ezer Mizion,  Chasdei Olom, our organization in Teveriah, and Mogen Dovid Adom.  And I find myself very inspired as I watch the crowd of people coming from diverse segments of all populations in Teveriah, to donate blood and save lives.”
Ezer Mizion provides vitally needed assistance to individuals and their families facing health challenges such as cancer and to the elderly, handicapped, families dealing with mental health issues and children with special needs so as to empower and assist such individuals in maintaining independence, restoring function, preserving dignity and improving quality of life.
Our services, programs and activities include facilitating stem cell testing of individuals for inclusion on the Ezer Mizion International Bone Marrow Registry; maintaining a network of thousands of donors, including those with rare blood types, who are willing to give blood at short notice; providing an extensive medical referral division; support and rehabilitation services for families challenged by mental health issues, Alzheimers, disabilities and declining years ; food distribution for families trying to cope with serious illness; ambulance and volunteer car transport to bring the elderly and disabled to treatment centers, therapy, doctor visits and an occasional make-a-wish trip; and the free loan of medical, pediatric development, augmentative communication and rehabilitation equipment.
Often referred to as an empire of chessed, Ezer Mizion is grateful to all of its supporters who have enabled the organization to accomplish so much.

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