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Our Treasured Volunteers

Sometimes we have to wait until the World of Truth to see it. But sometimes it is so clear. Like the Bluestones who are owners of a well-known Israeli firm that manufactures fashionable clothing, makeup and jewelry bags. In spite of their many business responsibilities, they devote a great deal of time to volunteering for Ezer Mizion. One of the recipients of their chessed is a disabled, elderly man for whom Mr. Bluestone delivers meals regularly. Meals are not all he delivers. With the food he brings caring, genuine interest in the details of the man’s day and an upbeat, cheery ambience.

A friendship developed between the two and it was only natural that when the elderly senior was hospitalized with no family support, Mrs. Bluestone cooked a complete array of Shabbat dishes and they both spent Shabbat together with him in his hospital room.

In heaven, the angels rejoiced at this extraordinary display of caring and a ’surprise’ was prepared for them.

In the same hospital room was another senior whose son was spending Shabbat with his father. The Bluestones invited the son to join them in their Shabbat meals Over the course of the conversation, the Bluestones learned that the son works for ElAl and, among his responsibilities is the purchase of luxury items for sale on ElAl . After Shabbat, he graciously offered to sell the Bluestone jewelry bags on the plane, a tremendous boost to the Bluestone’s business.

Sometimes you have to wait for the World of Truth to see it but sometimes it’s right there, a little heavenly note saying: I’m proud of you. 

In most cases we do not see any immediate reward but we can be assured that the eternal reward for all the devoted Ezer Mizion volunteers awaits them in the future world. Who are they? A few examples: Approximately 30 volunteers arrived at Ezer Mizion’s Oranit, home for families dealing with cancer to provide a Day of Pampering for 70 people who have been living under a black cloud of fear and tension. It was a day of yellow sunshine, when for a brief period, the clouds of cancer dissipated and happiness took over. A day that gave the participants strength to continue their battle. Some volunteers were professional makeup artists who treated the women to a complete makeover. Others created workshops for the more artistically inclined to design their own jewelry or produce   masterpieces of chocolate moldings. The women were treated like queens enabling the horrors of the past months to recede, giving way to smiles and joy – a vacation from cancer.

The kids also had Their Day when a professional cake decorator spent hours at Oranit helping them design their culinary works of art. Amid proud grins and delightful giggles, cancer took a backseat that day as these heroic children recharged their batteries to continue to fight.

And then there is Maor with his huuuuge heart. Maor, of LegoMan fame comes regularly to help kids (and adults) build lego creations. It gives them a feeling of future as they plan the project.

Maor was honored to light a torch on Yom Hatzmaut and with a quivering voice he emotionally announced , to all the children fighting cancer- “Bezrat Hashem, you are all going to recover and I will personally recruit you into he IDF…..”

Today he shared, “I received pictures from Adiel and Shachar, two Shneider cancer ‘graduates’.  “I can’t believe it is actually happening, we built lego together, I was with them on the Ezer Mizion trip to Italy, saw them grow up, was part of their healing process……”

“Then I met them where they were prepped for their IDF recruitment. Last Thursday they officially joined the army and are now volunteering army cadets. They were blood brothers throughout their journey together, during their stay in the oncology ward and now as recruits.”

“ I am so proud of you, I think the world of you both”

PS- forget about lego for now

To all of our thousands of loyal, dedicated, loving and caring volunteers   may you all be showered with heavenly blessings.

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