Ezer Mizion Canada

Our Volunteers- May They Be Blessed

No pen, no time – We’re running a race
Can’t slow down, got to keep up the pace
One request follows another:
Driving a patient, helping an exhausted mother,
Buying and delivering a drug from the store…
Each job is grabbed in a second, no more
They give resources and strength of their own
And rush to bring food to a senior all alone
Respond to each call that appears on the screen,
Bring mother of preemie to the hospital scene
Kits and groceries you bring with speed
To homes with patients and people in need
To special kids, sensitivity is your code
You raise “giving” to a higher mode.
For cancer patients you bring your aid
And to dialysis patients, your kindness is displayed.
And more… and more… countless calls,
Requests, assignments, rides for all,
And we just stand here, in awe, it’s true,
Full of great esteem for you.
And we say a prayer, a plea:
Father in Heaven, look from Above
See our volunteers, their link, their love.
See their sheer determination,
Their helping hand, bringing calm with dedication,
The cars that for chessed zoom,
The amazing responsiveness, no matter for whom
The motorcycles that fly in every direction
The “Linkeds” can be found at every intersection.
Tally each one,
They’re beyond count,
And bless us all with health,
On their account…

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