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Salute to an Outstanding Volunteer!

An honorary ceremony recently took place at the Ichilov hospital saluting the hundreds of volunteers who give selflessly of their time and energy on behalf of the patients hospitalized at Ichilov. At the event, special certificates of honor were awarded to three volunteers in recognition of their outstanding dedication and extraordinary effort on behalf of the patients.

One of tpr general hel;ioong hand in darkhe volunteers awarded a special certificate was Devorah Smutney, a veteran Ezer Mizion volunteer at the hospital. Dvorah began her volunteering career in Ezer Mizion, as part of a support group for cancer patients established by the organization at the Radiation Institute of Ichilov Hospital, and she later became a member of the staff. Since 2009, she has been volunteering at the office of Professor Nir Giladi, of the Neurology department, devoting many hours to her position. In addition, she extends her assistance to many patients in various wards in Ichilov. The hospital staff attests that she is unusually dedicated, responsible and diligent, and is most definitely deserving of recognition for her wonderful work.

In his recommendation form nominating Dvorah to receive the prize, Menachem Drach, director of the Tel Aviv branch of Ezer Mizion, wrote as follows: “Devorah is the kind of volunteer who sees helping others as her life mission. She hosts families of patients in her home, and visits patients on Shabbat and Yom Tov, not only during the week. Devorah encourages them, brings a smile to their face, and tries to fulfill their requests even when doing so is not easy.”

In a moving ceremony, a certificate of honor was awarded to Devorah for her long years of service, and she was moved and gratified to receive it.

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