Who Is Ezer Mizion?

Ezer Mizion is the World’s Largest Jewish Bone Marrow Registry, as well as the Largest Health Support System in Israel. We are 70% funded by the Israeli government, allowing us to help the citizens of Israel and its visitors to benefit from free health care services. The remaining 30% is raised during events run by our 5 offices worldwide in Israel, USA, Canada, The UK and Brazil.

Ezer Mizion touches the lives of over 650,000 people annually through our many Health Support Services. These include a medical equipment lending branch, a kitchen used to make 60,000 meals per month for those sitting bedside with sick patients, a fleet of over 20 ambulances used for transporting patients to various appointments, and more. All of these services are provided AT NO COST, with a smile and with pleasure to our clients.

To date we have saved over 3,000 lives through our Bone Marrow Registry, with over 50% of our registry filled with DNA samples from the IDF.

Our goal is to fill our registry with so many DNA samples that no person will ever have the need to wait for a Bone Marrow transplant again.

Our Student Partnership

Ezer Mizion will partner with individuals who are serious about participating in educational programs in Israel and help them raise the funds needed to attend their chosen program. Their fundraising efforts will not only benefit students by helping them get to Israel, but it will fill our scholarship fund, which will then be disbursed to students in need of a scholarship. Remaining funds from our scholarship pool will be put towards the processing of DNA testing to grow our Bone Marrow Registry, helping to save lives around the world.

Participants who qualify will be given their own web page and a link to collect donations for this very important cause. Participants then share this page via email, text, social media and all other outlets to raise money to help fill the scholarship fund. It will be up to the participant to pass this page around with a personalized request for donations to help them achieve their goal.

Donors will receive a tax receipt from Ezer Mizion for the maximum allowable amount.



If you would like to donate to a specific child’s campaign, please click here.

Personal Info

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Ezer Mizion is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit and all donation are tax deductible | Tax ID Number: 13-3660421 | Registered Charitable Number: 85064 7637 RR0001