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Scrolling Down the Inbox

inboxA delightful video appears in the Inbox of an Ezer Mizion staff member. A chubby one-year-old is giggling as he tries to ‘catch’ the ball. Mommy’s laughter joins his childish giggles. Hers is a laughter of joy, of gratitude, of wonder. At his birth there had been no laughter. At his birth there had only been shock, terror and an all-pervading sadness. In the body of the email are words of thanks to Ezer Mizion:  Thank you so much for all the help over the 2 months my wife was in the hospital with our baby (medical referrals, food, hot meals, snacks, hospital volunteers, transportation, emotional support, more food and hot meals, etc. etc. etc…..).
It is now almost a year since our Shlomo was born when all the doctors said there was a basically 0% chance that he was going to survive. As you can see, he is such a cute, amazing miracle. I just wanted to show you some of the results of your efforts. It is so special – all the support and help you give people in their difficult times.
The staff member scrolls down and there’s another one. This one is from Penina. She remembers Penina. One of her volunteers.
Good morning, Rivi! Until a year and a half ago, I was part of the volunteer vehicle network. (I don’t remember for how many years.) I also prepared food for families for Shabbat.
But…for the last year and a month, I’ve been hospitalized in Shaare Zedek with leukemia and complications from various things I caught.
During the period of my hospitalization, my family and I were helped a lot by the fantastic, warm, and friendly volunteers, who sometimes even pampered me with something homemade or other gifts. Some of them have remained my friends for life…
B’ezrat Hashem (G-d willing), when I get back to myself, we’ll make a se’udat hodayah (celebration), so I wanted to ask Rachel to save me a list of the names of the volunteers (since I was under the influence of pain-killers most of the time, I don’t remember names).
I also want to thank the group of volunteer drivers — those who were behind the scenes and drove the volunteers. Thanks to them, it was so much easier for me and my family.
Please encourage them all in in their holy work.
Wishing everyone robust health and heartfelt happiness. May Hashem (G-d) fulfill their heart’s desires for the good!
Thank you from all my heart,
And this one:  “When my mother z”l was sick and we were hospitalized for long periods, we were privileged to receive the help of Ezer Mizion quite a bit — both from the amazing volunteers, and, of course, when we needed a bone marrow donation. This is chessed of the highest caliber, helping people at the most difficult times in their lives. To me, that’s really special.”
Three letters. Not an unusual occurrence at all. For thousands of families, it was Ezer Mizion that held their hands during those dark, dark days. It was practical help, medical advice, a bit of sunshine to raise the family’s spirit in the form of trips and parties. A soft, comforting cushion of TLC to smooth the way. A pillar to lean on when the going got rough. Most of all, it was the compassionate smile, always there, saying, ‘We care!’

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