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See Something…Do Something

See something…do something. That’s Ezer Mizion. When a problem appears to be prevalent, they go into high gear, searching for ways to solve it. And we, together with so many other families, had a problem.
Over the last two years, I was very bothered by my ten-year-old daughter’s steady weight gain. On the one hand, I knew she had to lose weight because the situation was unhealthy. On the other hand, I saw that when I limited her nosh and fattening foods, she felt deprived. In order to compensate herself, she would often binge on those very foods. It became a battle. It was hurting our relationship, hurting her self image and there seemed to be no solution.
I was really at a loss, until, with Hashem’s help, I heard about the amazing program that opened at Ezer Mizion in Bnei Brak. The name of the program is GAMBA, which stands for Gevulot Mishkal B’Hana’ah – Watching Your Weight with Pleasure. It includes physical exercise twice a week, sessions with a dietician who gives tips and guidance, and at the same time – guidance and mentoring workshops for mothers given by professionals in the field.
From the very first time my daughter came back from a GAMBA meeting, I knew that we would succeed. Her step was confident. It was as if she knew just where she was going and how to get there. She was full of enthusiasm and took charge of her meal planning on her own.
At the mothers’ meeting, I saw how much thought the program directors invest into every single detail, so as to achieve the goals with maximum effectiveness. Both my daughter and I are a lot more informed now.
It is all done willingly and in an upbeat atmosphere. After just a short period, we have begun seeing real results. Thank you, thank you, GAMBA!
I warmly recommend this program to anyone who finds themselves in this situation!


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