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pr gen R' Chollak IMG_9149The strains of ketzad m’rakdim (a wedding song) still reverberated in the air as they began to the drive home after a family wedding. Feet were still tapping to the joyous rhythms as the family regaled each other with the highlights of the evening. And then came the crash. Unexpected. Without warning. And suddenly their lives were changed forever.
How could it be??? Just a moment ago, they had been so happy.
Two young teenage children were hurt and evacuated to the hospital. And Tatte (father)? The rock they all leaned on? Tatte was gone. Never to sit with a Kiddush cup in his hand at the head of the Shabbos (Sabbath) table. Never to smile proudly as his children say over the Parshas HaShevua (weekly Torah portion) . Never. Never is such a long time…
It was too much for the family to absorb. How could they fathom the shock? And how could they begin to comprehend the future? Without Tatte.
pr gen R' Chollak IMG_0349 unlimited useEzer Mizion, known as the address when tragedy occurs, was contacted. Rav Chananya Chollak, the man whose sensitivity and understanding enables him to provide a loving, supportive cushion even as he informs a wife or child that their pillar is no more, was asked to speak to the family and also to the children’s traumatized classmates. They were given his cell phone number and told to call anytime (and so many do!).
pr lk 2013 1615_ne_photo_stories1_35523The wide-ranging Ezer Mizion divisions were contacted and help came from all directions. Volunteers signed up for shifts to enable the mother to divide her time between the hospital and home. Rides for family members and volunteers materialized out of nowhere. Food for the family at home, food for those at the hospital. Volunteers to handle homework, to take the younger children on trips. Games for the kids. Someone to learn with the boys and take them to shul (synagogue).
Rav Chollak and his highly trained, sensitive staff are in touch with the family regularly. With Mommy and the older kids on one level and the littler ones on their own level. Each finds a compassionate, understanding ear who listens as if he really cares. Because he does.
Ezer Mizion’s Medical Referral Division will provide professional advice regarding the medical care of the two hospitalized children, other divisions on advice regarding government entitlements, psychological therapy for those having difficulty coping with the new reality. Ezer Mizion, the empire of chessed, will do its best to take the place of the one who will never come back and support the family until it is able to stand on its own. A horrific tragedy indeed but Ezer Mizion will envelop the family in a motherly embrace and make sure that they never feel alone.
Ezer Mizion provides services to over 660,000 of Israel’s population annually in addition to its Bone Marrow Registry which saves the lives of Jewish cancer patients the world over.

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