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Jeep Trip in Dishon for Women with Cancer
More than 20 women with cancer recently enjoyed a jeep trail in the North.
Sunny spring weather greeted the group, as they spent time in the bosom of blossoming, budding nature.pr canc sup jeep trip for women 2013  1557_ne_photo_stories1_6b6e0 The sights, scenery, and perfect weather combined to give the participants an unforgettable experience.
Sarit wrote to our Facebook page: “Thank you for a wonderful trip that succeeded in banishing from our minds the battle we are fighting day after day. You gave us indescribable enjoyment and a rare chance to laugh until the tears rolled down our cheeks. I felt as if I was in a dream, and I had such a terrific time, I didn’t want the dream to end. pr canc sup jeep trip fo rwomen 2013 1557_ne_photo_stories2_6fac8 Thank you, good-hearted people, angels, thank you!”
Our thanks go to Itzik Golan and Yehuda Weiflich, the ones who have been organizing the jeep trip and making it happen for years now, and also to the volunteer drivers who so magnanimously joined in the effort!


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