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Stoned…Trapped…and Alive


We had been an ordinary family with the ordinary ups and downs. On a Thursday, about a half year ago, our lives suddenly took a 180 degree turn. We were on the way home from a visit with my mother when  our car was stoned-an all to frequent occurrence in Israel. pr Adele Chaya food 1235098_233836313435979_1233295692_n As a result, my three daughters and I found ourselves trapped under a truck. Adele Chaya was extricated from there in critical condition. The doctors did not give her much of a chance; only prayer and faith kept her alive. And we? We felt barely alive ourselves, terrified of the finger of death, hardly able to function. Numb. Frozen. Afraid to feel.

Who could understand our needs when we hardly understood them ourselves?   But Ezer Mizion did understand. With its sensitivity and compassion, Ezer Mizion became the staff that held us up during that traumatic period. Throughout the time that Adele Chaya was in Schneider’s Children Medical Center, we received help and support from Ezer Mizion.
From the first moment, a room at the Ezer Mizion Oranit Guest Home, close to the hospital,  was put at our disposal. pr bldg DG857317That room became our second home, where we could refresh ourselves for a few hours, rest, eat, then return refreshed to the nightmarish reality that we found ourselves in. but Ezer Mizion didn’t stop there. Their  daily acts of assistance warmed our hearts – a hot lunch-garnished with caring, a coffee corner, sandwiches even in the middle of the night, a book or newspaper to give us a brief hiatus from the thoughts that don’t stop running through our minds. Today, too, when we     are at Beit Levenstein for rehab, we still enjoy Ezer Mizion’s meals and support. The benefits go way beyond the practical. Each gesture sends the message: Someone understands. Someone cares.  

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“We were given a tough test. We are still in the middle of this trial. Adele Chaya needs our support. Our other three daughters also do. In order to give, our own ‘emotional tanks’ must be filled. Ezer Mizion continues to give to us, non-stop, enabling us to maintain our sanity and radiate positive energy  to those who depend on us.  May each and every staff member be blessed.


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