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Strengthening “Ezer Mizion” in Petach Tikvah

Asher Shoker, Petach Tikvah Municipality’s Social Services Minister, and Guy Afari, Director of the city’s Social Services Division, visited Ezer Mizion’s National Center.pr bldg
Recently, in the context of the project to connect the community to non-profit organizations and to the Social Services Division, a moving meeting took place between the staff of the Division, under the direction of social worker Guy Afari and headed by Councilman and Social Services Minister Asher Shoker, with the staff of Ezer Mizion, CEO Chaim Freund and International Chairman Rabbi Chananya Chollak.
The visit included a tour of the day-care center for special-needs children and a tour of the first playground of its kind designed specifically for children with special needs. At the meeting, they discussed new collaborative efforts for the benefit of Petach Tikvah residents, expanding existing programs, and discussed the various options of how to expand the assistance provided to cancer patients and their families. A presentation was made of the service package offered by the Ezer Mizion Petach Tikvah branch, under the direction of Moshe Yisraeli.
Participating in the visit in addition to Shoker and Afari were Yaffa Zomer, head of the Rehab Division, Alvah Parchi, director of the Seniors Division, Batsheva Mansour, Director of the Shaariya Office, and Limor Ben Chaim, Director of the Central Office. On the part of Ezer Mizion, also present at the visit was Moshe Yisraeli, Director of the Petach Tivkah branch of Ezer Mizion, as well as directors of the branch departments.
Ezer Mizion operates many services and projects for the benefit of the ill, disabled, and elderly in Petach Tikvah:, support for children and adult cancer patients and their families, transport by ambulance and volunteer vehicles, hot meals for people sitting with patients in hospitals, free loan of medical and rehabilitative equipment, volunteers at homes and hospitals, day clubs for seniors, a day club for disabled women, Matan project for boys with cerebral palsy (CP), and more. The broad range of services is provided professionally and warmly, helping the patient and his family deal with their challenges and choose life.
At the conclusion of the visit Asher Shoker, Petach Tikvah Municipality Social Services Minister said “There is almost no one who is not familiar with the services Ezer Mizion provides to the public, be it seniors, disabled, cancer patients, or others. Their work is remarkable and we are happy to be able to join them in developing additional services for our citizens.”
Guy Afari, Director of the Social Services Division added that “There is no question that the collaboration between non-profit organizations and the municipality will enable us to provide broader and richer services to the public, with an emphasis on medical needs and special needs populations.
Rabbi Chananya Chollak thanked the people from the Social Services Division for their trust and for their ongoing partnership. He stressed that Ezer Mizion constantly works to develop and upgrade their services so as to relieve, assist and support those in need. “We hope that this fertile and successful collaboration on behalf of the population of Petach Tivkah’s ill, disabled, and elderly populations will continue to grow, for everyone’s benefit.”

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