Bar Mitzvah

It’s For Real

 All he wanted was to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah with Ima….   But his mother is a cancer patient. It’s bad. The top doctors have given up on finding her a cure… They say it’s just a matter of days. And the boy? He didn’t want to be an orphan before his Bar Mitzvah! His …

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Coordinating the Impossible

His firstborn’s Bar Mitzvah. What every father dreams of as he watches his child mature. Every detail is pre-planned, pre-colored, pre-lived. All in capital letters. Ordering the tefillin (phylacteries). Choosing the design for the tefillin bag. The speech. The Torah Reading. The reception.

Emissaries or Angels

It’s erev Shabbos on a winter Friday. They thought they were already frantically busy but then a call came in on What’s App. The remainder of their personal lists fell by the wayside with nary a thought. It’s an emergency and they are ‘volunteer soldiers’ in the ‘Ezer Mizion’s Linked to Life army’ (the real …

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A Pre-Bar Mitzvah

“I really would have liked to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah like other kids, at 13. But I want to celebrate with you Ima so you can be happy and proud of me.” So went 11-year old Uriel’s speech at the pre-Bar Mitzvah celebration. A week ago, Uriel would not have believed that he would be …

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Part of the Family

Menachem Weiss, a “special” teen with CP, reports every week to Merkaz Ha’inyanim on an angle of life that he alone can talk about Shalom dear readers! I recently had a very, very special experience. My nephew, Yissachar, became Bar Mitzvah this week. Well, every family affair is always a major hurdle for me. Not …

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No Challenge Too Great

  In less than a month, Shaul will, G-d willing, celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. The preparation for this special landmark is being done while he is hospitalized. Rabbis from Ezer Mizion are teaching him to read his Torah portion, just like all of his classmates.