Rx: Fun

Registration was underway. Name. Address. Phone. Room assignment. More lines to be filled out on an inanimate, impersonal form. But there before me stood not line items but people. A group came forward. Children gathered around a Mommy like frisky kittens tumbling over themselves trying to find a place. But the Mommy? The center. Their

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Netivot’s Third Year

For the third year running, the Netivot branch of Ezer Mizion held its day camp on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College Last week, Ezer Mizion finished its summer camp season with 14 different camps when its day camp for special children on the campus of Chemdat Hadarom College in Sedot Negev ended. This is

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Paid in Full

Vacation for Yeshiva students is over. They had a few weeks to recharge. To go on a hike, relax with a book, meet friends for pizza. Some opted to apply for a temporary job to earn a bit of money for the year. And then there are those that would shoot for the top. The

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