CP & All

Last week I was at the Ezer Mizion summer retreat for kids with CP. There aren’t too many fun things that I can do and I really look forward to Ezer Mizion’s fun days throughout the year. I’m a teenager like any other teenager. I love to do exciting things, share good times with friends …

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CP Doesn’t Stop Us!

Ezer Mizion Matan activity clubs for teens and young adults with CP and other disabilities opened the year with a boat ride at the Herzliya Marina. Happy sailing!

CFC #11583

Since 2007 Ezer Mizion has been chosen as a participant in the U.S. government program’s Combined Federal Campaign that offers federal employees the opportunity of making contributions to non-profit organizations by payroll deductions. The campaign enables civilian, military and postal employees to make either one-time or monthly donations to benefit participating organizations.

Books Are Great but…

“Books are great,” says Matityahu Kreitman, “but I wanted to get a feel for the real thing. I’m a pre-med student and, of course, I have tons of material to learn but I was anxious to develop a real understanding of the patient and, for that, I needed real patients.”  My chance came in the …

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Can You Imagine the Joy?!

Six year old Itai has had cancer since he was a year old. Itai and his family are receiving therapy at Ezer Mizion Oranit Cancer Support Center. Just a few days ago Itai spoke his first word ever. “IMMA!” (Mommy),7340,L-4419587,00.html  

Closing the Circle

The world turns…a trite cliché but filled with meaning for Hadas Laufer and her family. Thirteen years ago, Hadas’ parents underwent a nightmare. The subject of the nightmare, three-year-old Hadas herself, was unaware the time that her young life was in danger.  Only a bone marrow transplant could save her. The search was on for …

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Policeman Day!

Hip, hip hooray. It’s Policeman’s Day today! Campers at Ezer Mizion’s Summer Camps for Cancer Patients and their Families woke up one morning with big grins on their faces. What fun! A full day of playing policeman! Fathers were thrilled to watch their sons get a ride on a police motorcycle from the National Commander …

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Love Golf? Love Israel?

Do you love golf? Do you love Israel? Caesarea Golf Club features a world championship Pete Dye course in the country you love. Combine your passions. Join players from all over the world at Ezer Mizion’s fourth annual Golf Classic in Caesarea on November 25, 2013.

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