The strains of ketzad m’rakdim (a wedding song) still reverberated in the air as they began to the drive home after a family wedding. Feet were still tapping to the joyous rhythms as the family regaled each other with the highlights of the evening. And then came the crash. Unexpected. Without warning. And suddenly their …

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Volunteering: What the Kids Have Discovered

Some say that the new generation is steeped in materialism and can’t see past their ipod screens. Is it true? A recent event in Israel honoring junior volunteers yielded some surprises. Last summer, M, a sixth grader, noticed something strange going on in her neighbor’s home.

Chessed on Wheels

From “Hashavua B’Rechovot” by: Chaim Reich Driving to Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, or just to the center of town and want to do a chessed without any particular effort? A new chessed resource called “Galgalei Ezer” – Chessed on Wheels using What’s Up smart phone app was recently launched and is booming