Appreciation Down the Line

Ezer Mizion’s ‘ Corona Alumnae’ have selflessly volunteered to help others now suffering as they did, not so long ago. A group delivering cake to hospitalized patients received the following note: On behalf of the patients here in the ward, we want to thank Ezer Mizion for the delicious cakes that your volunteers brought us …

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“It was wonderful!” A young girl was asked about her stay in a corona hotel over Yom Tov (holidays). Her answer shocked the questioner. “Wonderful???! To be away from your family for Yom Tov? To spend Rosh Hashona, Yom Kippur and Sukos with strangers in a covid hotel?!”

Maccabi Salutes Ezer Mizion

Maccabi Health Services known as Kupat Cholim Maccabi, is one of the four HMOs in Israel with over 2 million members and is considered an influential institution in regards to the Israeli healthcare system. Maccabi members benefit from diverse health services but there are many, many instances where help is needed. As Maccabi staff members …

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We’re Here for Them

He’s turning thirteen and still living in a Corona hotel. He has Downs Syndrome and just ‘doesn’t get it’. His Bar Mitzvah will pass with nothing happening???. But his parents have their hands full and the logistics were overwhelming. Ezer Mizion has taken care of him since birth and will not abandon him now.  The …

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Saying Farewell to Corona – Let’s Hope it’s Final!

Tens of thousands of missions were shared with Israel’s Home Front Command! And Israel’s seniors, seriously ill, and people in quarantine ­were the first to benefit from it. Each mission accompanied with so much love!   Recently, to the sound of ongoing applause, the Home Front Command awarded Ezer Mizion  a Certificate of Appreciation for …

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Two Letters/ Two Sides

A volunteer of grandfather vintage writes: I went out today to distribute food. With lots of energy and good will, I came to collect the packages and got a list. Third floor, fourth floor, etc. No elevators. Ah, occasionally there was a ground floor… Do I need to go up or do they come down? …

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