Our Precious Elderly Cannot Be Left On Their Own

    Activities at the Geriatric Services Division during the Coronavirus Period Numbers: 3,200 seniors 4,000 attendants 150 professional staff members 13 branches across the country Thousands of dedicated volunteers With the onset of the crisis, the entire Geriatric Services Division shifted to a mode of alternating home/office work. Authorization to work remote was given …

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My Opinion Matters

As people age they face loss. Loss of their independence, of their faculties, of their standing in the community. The holocaust survivor is particularly fragile due to his nightmarish youth which often resurfaces in old age when mundane life no longer makes its demands on him. No longer a decision maker, he feels unnoticed, worthless …

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No List At All?

Our list is long. The day is short. So many items get transferred to the next day’s list. Constant pressure. Never finishing. Can we even begin to imagine what it be like to have no list? No list at all? No goals? Nothing to work toward? Nothing to look forward to? For a short moment …

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The Golden Age?

It’s called the Golden Age. From the vantage point of a younger person, it truly seems golden. No difficulties with toddlers or raising a difficult teen. No problematic boss to please. No mortgage payments to meet. The senior can just sit back and enjoy her accomplishments. But is it really so? Now let’s change hats …

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A Letter Meant for Your, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

“Hello, Ezer Mizion, this is the medical transport division…” “Thank you, this is T. Would it be possible please to have a transport for tomorrow morning, going at 10:00 a.m. and returning at 1:00 p.m.?” – “Certainly, with pleasure. Please call and confirm again tonight.” That is the pleasantness and good feeling that we witness …

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