Meals on Wheels: Lottie’s Kitchen

It’s hard work. Ditza is exhausted each day as she makes her way home, usually quite past her official hours. She needed a bit of encouragement to put some verve into her steps.  Recently that encouragement came in the form of two ‘notes from heaven’ showing how much Hashem values her efforts.

Lottie’s Kitchen

Did you ever feel helpless? Alone? Frightened? Do you recall how a smile of sunshine could break through the black clouds? The hospitals are filled with family members who have been suddenly catapulted out of their comfortable daily routine to deal with a nightmare of fear. They spend hours and hours with the patient, never …

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The Main Course Cooks

A family member is seriously ill. The family enters crisis mode. All energy-physical and emotional- is centered on the sick relative. Nothing remains for routine needs. Yet routine needs remain and must be met. Ezer Mizion’s Food Distribution Division has undertaken the responsibility of providing hot, nourishing meals for the entire family during the duration …

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Lottie’s Kitchen 2013

The magnificent home of Adele and Jody Laboz in Deal, NJ was the site of a happening on July 11. Over 2000 women converged in support of Lottie’s Kitchen in Israel which provides meals for families dealing with serious illness. Professional food demonstrations were presented by the foremost leaders in the world of cuisine such …

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Mention Passover anytime in March and every family member’s blood pressure goes up. Each year it seems to be an insurmountable task even though we managed the year before. But what if this year is different from all other years? What if this year the family is coping with serious illness? What if everyone is …

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Like Magic Wand

To the wonderful volunteers of Ezer Mizion, It is so fantastic that when a person is in distress, there are wonderful people who understand him, understand his needs and his difficulties, and care about him. . . . When the family members of a sick person are running around, confused, in pain, and worried, they …

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