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Thank You!

Thanks and Best Wishes to Ezer Mizion’s Chessed Empire
Words cannot express the superb level we were treated to at the recent Ezer Mizion retreat for families with a loved one suffering from cancer – and all this at no cost. Everything was so perfect; they did not forget even the most minute detail in their goal to give participants the best possible vacation.
The varied meals, enjoyable and fantastic programs, pool, jeep ride, the wonderful Shabbat in which they invested untold effort, with a performance by Srulik Hershtik and his choir and Reb Yosele Eisenbach for the children, amazing attractions, and the shirts with the Ezer Mizion logo that all the children wore, looking like one unified Ezer Mizion family…
The special staff of girls who helped out the families and the technical staff that worked around the clock… and especially to the one who stands at their head, Rabbi Chananya Chollak shlita, along with all the rest.
You gave us a lot of strength. With deepest appreciation, may you receive all the blessings of Hashem!
A family struggling with cancer

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