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Thank You for Enabling Us to Speak

Rabbi Freund
Ezer Mizion
We, the children, parents and staff of the educational-rehabilitative center “Tza’ad Kadima” – “Step Forward” – in Rishon Le’zion, would like to express our tremendous appreciation to Ezer Mizion for the loan of various types of VOCA communication devices, including the Deror talking computer.
Our Center serves children ages 1-9 who have a broad range of motor and developmental challenges. For many of them, a communication system is developed that includes a VOCA device lent by you. The children use the VOCA device throughout the day at the Center and also at home. This allows them to become active communication partners, despite their inability to speak. This gives the children – and those around them – deep satisfaction.
The ability to borrow costly VOCA devices from you enables us to confirm that the device is appropriate for the children, and only then to recommend purchase. In this way, we are confident that our recommendation is accurate, and the parents understand and internalize the importance of the device in building the child’s communication system.
We especially wanted to share with you the excitement and lift that has swept over the children and staff in working with the Deror talking computer (an especially costly piece of equipment) loaned by you to two children in our Center. The talking computer opens a broad range of communication possibilities for them. Use of the computer as a communication tool in classroom lessons as well as individual sessions enables the children to be communication partners, through the active and creative use of symbols and written words. Words cannot express their tremendous joy!

With our thanks and blessings,

Eera Skliter
Speech clinician

In the name of the children, staff and parents
Tza’ad Kadima” – “Step Forward” Center

CC:    National Insurance Institute-Bituach Leumi
Yossi Pinto, Director, “Tza’ad Kadima” – “Step Forward” Center


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