Ezer Mizion Canada

Thank You for Life

Dear donor,


Since we cannot know who you are and tell you personally all that we would like to say, we shall do the best we can and express our feelings through this anonymous letter.

Our entire family and all our friends and the many people who are concerned for the health of our loved one send the greatest thank you that it is possible to transmit. Giving of your time, effort and pain as you did, for someone you don’t even know, and at no profit for yourself –  is not something that is self-understood.

No matter what the results of the transplant will prove to be, you can mark off to your credit the priceless merit of saving a life, as we are told: “When a person saves one soul, it is as if he saved an entire world.”

Your donation has struck an emotional chord in each of us and has planted hope in our hearts – both for our loved one’s health and for life in general – the refreshing knowledge that people like you exist who are willing to do anything for another person, a stranger, just in order to save life.

If only we had enough words to thank you for your selfless donation.

We wish you and your family much health and success in all that you do.

With love –
From the appreciative family


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