Ezer Mizion Canada

Thank You — in My Name, Her Name, and His Name

coronavirusTo Our Volunteers who Have Put in Tremendous Effort to Provide what is Needed within the Restrictions of Coronavirus
In the name of the patient you serviced all around
And the one you revitalized, alone and homebound
In the name of the preemie, in his mother’s embrace
And the father, back with his children, through your good grace.
In the name of the boy who an ironed shirt wore,
And the envelope you gave to the sick and the poor,
In the name of the mental health client, whose pain you allayed
And the medicine delivered, though your strength was frayed.
In the name of a senior who ate a meal, good and hot
And the assignment you took before knowing what,
In the name of the boy at risk, saved from decline,
And the special needs child for whom you made the sun shine.
In the name of the families, who enjoy your good dishes,
Cakes, sides, and salads, plus the warmest of wishes,
In the name of all that you prepared and had planned
But when delayed by an assignment, you understand.
In the name of all of the Linked to Life stars
The general groups and the specialty cars
In the name of the pastry bakers and cooks of gourmet
That cannot be matched in the world any day
Thank you, you’re great!
Our blessing for success!
In my name and Ezer Mizion’s —
You’re simply the best!
On behalf of the group leaders and those with social service jobs,
And social workers who doubled shifts saying “No prob!”
The staff at the office and at equipment loan,
And those who offer encouragement from at home.
Because we’re here when you need us!
With you we’ll remain
We’ll do what we can
To lower your pain,
However we can,
To help and to guide
As long as it takes,
We’re here at your side.
Rivi, in the name of the Ezer Mizion Jerusalem Branch family

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