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The Camera Captures

Capturing an image of the inner world of a cancer patient

When we take pictures, we direct the camera outward, to the world around us. We see a path, a flower, a beach, a child. We aim the camera and press the button, capturing the moment in a photo. The photographer compels the viewer to adopt his perspective, the unique manner in which he views the world. The viewer thereby is able to visualize the inner world of the photographer. And the photographer is able to see more clearly the depth of his own mindset in the view he has captured.
The photography therapy workshop at Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Division is one of its many therapy activities. The process that the participants undergo, individually and as a group, is unique and has a profound impact during the period of their treatments and the recovery that follows. The photos displayed at the exhibition were all taken by workshop participants as part of this therapy process and convey a portion of the patient’s personal story. Below are a few samplings with excerpts of the participants’ insights into their world culled from the photography workshop therapy.
pr canc sup photog sunThe light is sweet and it is good
for the eyes to see the sun (Kohelet 11:7)
And I choose to set out and seek the light…
I dare to look directly at the sun
Demanding that it light up my heart. My soul.
pr canc sup photog nightA Year of Nighttime
So why is it a year of nighttime?
Not just because of the dark, although there was darkness, but because that darkness illuminated sides and strengths in me that I didn’t know I had. 
pr canc sup photog routesRecalculating the Route
My entire life, I designed routes that would be convenient for me to follow.
During the last three years, I was forced to recalculate my life path time and time again.

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