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pr inv ty 2 pr inv ty 1It seems like it was just yesterday that we were זוכה to make both Meir’s בר מצוה and Tamar’s בת מצוה together with עזר מציון. Those two nights stand out in our minds as the most special and inspiring moments in our lives. The exciting, enthusiasm and pure joy of the saintly נשמות of the children of the Beit Chana Activity Club and B’Lev Sameach camps remains tangible and real to me. Tears swell up in my eyes every time I flip through the photo albums and recall the energy and love that I felt on those magical evenings. Those events were true שמחות and a קידוש השם, as we celebrated the milestone with the עזר מציון family.  
Despite the distance in time and years, we still have such strong feelings for עזר מציון and find it difficult to have a שמחה that doesn’t involve עזר מציון. If I had the financial ability, I would not hesitate to either bring you to our שמחה or bring the שמחה directly to you. There is no truer and purer joy than to see the enthusiasm and love of the עזר מציון children. And therefore — at a minimum — I wanted to tell you the good news and pray that we will have the opportunity to share this and many future  שמחות together.
pr inv ty 3pr inv ty 4Once again, I need to express my הכרת הטוב to  Rav Chollak, Chaim Freund and everyone at  עזר מציון. We feel privileged that the רבונו של עולם allowed us to be part of your family and to share our simchos together with you. Those magical nights taught my children the true meaning of חסד and what it means to emulate the ways of Hashem. These indelible lessons inspired our family and provided both Meir and Tamar with the focus and perspective on what it means to be a Jew.
May הקדוש ברוך הוא continue to bless you and the entire עזר מציון family with continued health, success and נחת from all of your endeavors. And may our family be זוכה to share many simchos together with you in the future and once again partner with you in your great acts of חסד.
With love and admiration — Jo & Sarah Kranzler

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