Ezer Mizion Canada

The New Circle

Following the great success of the first groups, Ezer Mizion’s Malka Hager Fitness Center is carrying on with additional conversation groups for seniors on the topic of positive thinking.
Ezer Mizion has always placed senior citizens at the forefront of their concern and is constantly developing unique projects to meet the specific needs discerned in this age group.
The positive thinking groups that take place at the Malka Hager Fitness Center aims to empower seniors and is another service of Ezer Mizion geared to help the aging population deal with characteristic challenges and dilemmas facing this sector and improve their quality of life.
“During youth and middle age, a person is surrounded by many circles,” explains Idit Edelstein, a social worker and group moderator who leads the conversation groups.
“The work circle occupies a significant place in the daily schedule, joined by the family circle and the social circle. With the transition to the third age bracket, the individual is compelled to retire from his job, and the social and family circles also undergo significant changes that are not easy to adapt to.
“This period is characterized by many separations and life changes -physical, emotional and cognitive. The best and most effective way to deal with these changes is by participating in a group designed just for this purpose.
“Our group provides a safe place for empowerment, a place to meet new friends struggling with similar difficulties, to receive support and mutual assistance, to open new directions in life, and to learn how to utilize one’s rich life experience in a positive way.”
The sessions are geared for senior from age sixty. Each series includes ten 1-1/2-hour sessions, which take place at Ezer Mizion’s Jacob Fried Building in Bnei Brak. There is a token participation fee for all ten sessions.

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