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The Only Thing that’s Impossible Is Saying No

“There’s nothing like Ezer Mizion!” These are the words of a grateful employee who…we’ll let her tell her story.

“On Friday afternoon, my niece’s little girl came home from gan with a high fever. She was put to bed but, only a few minutes later,  there in the thick of her erev Shabbos (pre-Sabbath) cooking, ‘something’ pushed my niece to check on her. As her mother stood there in the doorway, the child turned blue, then purple, then black. Terrified, my niece ran outside holding her daughter and screaming for help.  The end of part one is that the hospital diagnosed it as a genetic reaction to sudden high temperatures. The drama was over but now came the practical questions. If they were released on Shabbos (Sabbath) where would they go? My niece was expecting and traumatized. And, in addition, they would want to be near a hospital just in case. So I dialed the number that is often first on the list of every shaken family member. Within moments, I received a call back. A suite is reserved for her at Oranit, Ezer Mizion’s guest home for families dealing with cancer. A lovely suite with all the trimmings. My niece couldn’t stop thanking them. And me? I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Ezer Mizion family.

She may be right, you know, when she says there’s nothing like Ezer Mizion. What would she have said had she seen Moriah enter Oranit to put smiles on the faces of young cancer patients. What’s unusual about that, you ask. True, it was Moriah’s regular day to come. She comes every week. But today was… her wedding day. Busy? Certainly. But she’s never miss her weekly visit with Ezer Mizion’s cancer kids.

And how about Idit, Sarit and Ayala? Talented cosmeticians, all of them, they use their gifts to produce face lifts. Not the usual kind. The kind that lift a despairing face into one wreathed with smiles.  There may be a war going on – Operation Guardian of the Walls – but that didn’t stop them from pampering the many women dealing with the ravages of cancer and so desperate for their loving touch.

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Or Naomi of the Golden Age Division who received a request from Margareta. Margareta has a simple request to leave the nursing home she now resides in and visit her former apartment. It would be a trip down memory lane for the elderly senior with an album to peruse again and again. Simple, right? But not if Margareta cannot walk and the apartment is four flights up. ‘Impossible’ just means we have to think harder, says Naomi. It was not long before an idea was born. Collaborating with another organization, a state of the art motorized step crawler was borrowed and an impossible dream came true.

When love and caring are there, all barriers fall away.  

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