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The Other Side of the Table

As is well known, the spirit has a strong effect on the body’s physical capabilities. “Laughter is the best medicine” has been scientifically proven over and over again. pr canc supp fun day pampering 2 14 1795722_10152001989978650_1578859382_nWhile chemotherapy works on the body, Ezer Mizion puts great efforts towards ‘Dreamotherapy”, bringing to reality the dreams of the patients. For a mother battling cancer, a bit of just plain fun seems to be an unattainable dream. That is why Ezer Mizion periodically creates a ‘vacation from cancer’ for patients and their families.

Last year Shira, an experienced cosmetician, attended such an event for women. She laughed at the entertainment, participated in projects and enjoyed a visit to the various Beauty Stations. “The day gave me the boost I needed. All that pampering made me feel cared for.”

Shira’s story had a happy ending. Her nightmare is over. She has rejoined the world of normalcy. But so many others are still residing in the Planet of Terror. And so Shira joined a group of one hundred and fifty heroines in the battle for life, this time on the other side of the table, pampering her former neighbors  on the oncology ward with advice, manicures and facials. pr canc supp fun day of pampering 2 14 1555452_10152002348118650_914969995_n

The 150 women converged at the Hadar City Tower Hall in Ramat Gan to enjoy a Day of Fun. There were craft workshops, fondant workshops and beauty stations. Over a tasty lunch, away from IV poles and dire prognoses, the women shared stories about their kids, laughed at the humorous aspects of hospitalization and were entertained by the well-known Ron Shoval.

Each participant emerged from the Hadar City Tower Hall with a grin, still chuckling over the comical lines of stand-up artist Shalom Asayag who ended this wonderful day on a high note of merriment.

Noa Froilich, one of the event guests, sent us the following message: “Once again, as always, you managed to find the best ‘recipe’ to enable all of us to disconnect from our grueling day-to-day struggle. It was a chance to meet friends who share the cancer challenge in a pleasant setting, and not in the hospital corridor. A chance to be pampered, to create, to dance, to laugh, to eat, to giggle, to love, and most important – to feel loved!!! How important this all is for us, and how lucky we are, how lucky I am, that you are an inseparable part of my life. I love you and thank you (!!!) from the bottom of my heart!”

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